Chris Railsback

Having owned well-trained dogs all my life, I joined Midwest Dog Training in 2007 to team up with the founder. Having good success with Midwest Dog Training’s system, I decided to dedicate my livelihood to training dogs. Since I purchased it in 2009, I have successfully trained well over 2,000 dogs. A lot of the success is due to my comprehensive follow-up lessons to the dog owners. We show how to effectively train for commands as simple as Come, to conditioning a puppy to get used to its new family and environment.

I use psychology and a natural approach to dog training. Understanding the psychology from the evolution similarities and distinct characteristics of the breeds is also important. I also take a natural approach to the consideration of each dogs individual situation such as prior training, any traumatic events, the environment and family life the dog shares.

Training a puppy can be very perplexing, time consuming and stressful at the same time. One of the most important aspects of our training is successful behavior modification. Examples would be jumping, mouthing, nipping, barking, digging, chewing, separation anxiety as well as potty training and aggression.

Being not only a trainer of obedience but a behaviorist, I work a 7-state area in the Midwest using positive reinforcement and other humane & comfortable means of behavior modification. From 15-week-old puppies to older mature dogs that need rehabilitated, I take in consideration the breed, individual situation, background and environment of household to get you a better quality relationship with your furry friend.

Training is an ongoing process of growth and enhanced communication between your family and your four legged friend. Choose between the comprehensive 3- or in-depth 6-week Board and Train options, where we train all aspects of obedience and behavior, then do a private lesson with you for a couple hours to understand the minimal maintenance as well as training procedures.

With both programs, we guarantee our training and give a free lifetime support as long as you own your dog. You can and will be conditioned to achieve your training goals.

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