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In Home Dog Training

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You and your dog will learn the basics of good obedience and behavior.  You will learn a better way to communicate and enhance the relationship between you and your pet. With our training and your follow thru, your dog will behave for a lifetime.

You might also want to consider our 3 week Basic Board and Train program or for more serious cases, try our 6 Week Intensive Board and Train Bootcamp.
Both programs address obedience and behavioral issues.  Call today to find out which program is right for you.  We will discuss your individual situation and talk about your options.
In Home Dog Training

In Home Training

We teach you the skills you need to train your dog in behavioral obedience.  Once you have mastered the basic fundamentals, you will then train around real world distractions.

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Behavioral Dog Training

We address all of those annoying issues such as excessive barking, jumping, mouthing, nipping, digging, chewing, bolting, leash-pulling and other common bad habits. You will learn how to teach your dog to respond to your commands around real-world distractions.

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Even Around Distractions

Distractions are a part of daily life and every walk you take with your dog.  You will learn to command your dog no matter what is going on around you.  No more worry or anxiety about your dog not listening at a critical moment.  You will both learn to relax and enjoy each other inside and out.

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