Board and Train Programs


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Our 3 & 6 week Board and Train programs produce remarkable results.  Upon Graduation, you’ll see a happy, well-balanced dog who is happy to see you and eager to please.

Your dog will be trained by us and will listen to you. Board and Train services are ideal for puppies over 15 weeks and heavier than 10 pounds, dogs that need extra attention, busy owners, and families going on vacation. Imagine going on vacation and coming home to an obedient, well-trained dog.


Upon Graduation Your Dog WILL

  • Come

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Place

  • Off

  • Quiet

  • Wait

  • Release

  • Reliably, On-Command

  • Understand Boundaries

  • Become Potty-Trained

  • Achieve Off-Leash Control

Upon Graduation Your Dog Will STOP

  • Jumping

  • Mouthing

  • Nipping

  • Barking

  • Digging

  • Chewing

  • Pulling

  • Bolting

  • Feeling Separation Anxiety

  • Aggression

  • And Any Other Negative Behaviors


3-Week Board & Train Program

  • 1 Dog – $1995 New Clients Only

  • 2nd Dog – 25% OFF**

The 3-week program is not for extreme cases. If your dog is unruly and shows general negative behavior, this program is for you. We address all basic commands including loose-leash walk without pulling, putting you in control. With our return lesson and your follow-through, your dog’s good behavior will last.

6-Week Board & Train Program

  • 1 Dog – $2995 New Clients Only

  • 2nd Dog – 25% OFF**

The 6-week program is the solution to more stubborn cases. If your dog fights you every step of the way or if you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start, our 6-week board and train program is for you. We understand that this is a long time away from your loved one.  The moment you see the improvement, you’ll know it was time well spent.

Not Sure Which Program Is Best? 

Take our quiz to help you determine which program is the best fit for your dog.

  • Pick Up and Delivery is included in the prices. Tax is not included.

  • A two-hour de-briefing and demonstration is included upon completion. We will show you all the commands and what we do to ensure your future success.

  • Call us any time. We guarantee our training with lifetime support. House calls are free for life of your dog. Even bring your dog back in if necessary at no additional cost to you!

** Offer good for same owner only