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I wanted to thank Chris at Midwest Dog Training for training my new American Bulldog puppy. Because of my busy schedule, I chose the Board and Train Program. Before the training Ali chewed up everything including my socks! After the training, he is now “Sock Proof” and a well-rounded pet.
— Fred Smoot, Minnesota Vikings


Got my wife a Cockapoo as a gift not a liability. This little guy was destroying my house, chewing anything that would fit in her mouth, peeing on area rugs, jumping all over, using walls as backboards, ruining paint and bolting every chance it got. Called Chris with skepticism about his claims. What he said seemed to make sense, so we decided to roll with it and give it a try. Now the dog is much more attentive, mellowed out, chews toys not us, and off-leash control is great! My wife can now enjoy the gift as I intended! Thanks Chris! So far so good and getting better! Money well spent!
— Greg Wesley, Kansas City Chiefs


Before Sissi left, she spent most of her time in a kennel because she was so out of control. Walks were hard to do. She would bark at and chase other dogs, children and people. She would loose leash walk, it was always a battle. And in the house she would get into everything...She came home today and we could have a conversation without growling or barking, and she walked calmly. Of course, there were a couple of corrections as she was so excited to be home, but it is so much better. She is laying quietly next to me while I write this review. This could not be done before she left. Thank you, Chris, for all your help!!!
— Tina-marie Hooley - Brookings, SD